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Decoding the Numbers: Stephen Colbert Analyzes the Thanksgiving Grievances Unleashed by a Fox News Guest

Unraveling the Turkey Tale: Stephen Colbert Takes a Swipe at Fox News' Thanksgiving Inflation Claims

The numbers didn't quite add up for Stephen Colbert as he turned his satirical spotlight on Fox News and its tradition of holiday hysteria, this time featuring contributor Jason Chaffetz. Chaffetz raised eyebrows by asserting that under President Joe Biden, inflation had skyrocketed to the point where a Thanksgiving turkey cost a whopping $90. According to him, even the price of stamps was part of this alleged financial mayhem.

Colbert, ever the skeptic, couldn't resist a comedic jab at Chaffetz's claims. "Thanks to Joe Biden’s greed, it’s even more expensive than ever to buy a raw turkey, cover it in stamps and send it to a relative,” he quipped. Casting doubt on Chaffetz's turkey tale, Colbert cited Department of Agriculture data that pegs the average price of a turkey at $1.25 a pound, prompting him to humorously deduce that Chaffetz must have acquired a colossal 72-pound turkey.

In the aftermath of the claim, Chaffetz attempted to salvage his credibility by sharing a photo of his $114 premium turkey, described as "thoughtfully raised on sustainable family farms." However, this move only invited further scrutiny and piled on the mockery.

Colbert, with his characteristic wit, dissected the inflation narrative, weaving humor into the skepticism surrounding Chaffetz's turkey-centric economics. The late-night host, armed with facts and humor, continues to navigate the labyrinth of political discourse with a touch of levity.

As Colbert unveils the discrepancies in this Thanksgiving gripe, the saga of holiday hyperbole takes yet another amusing turn. Watch Colbert's monologue below and witness the laughter-infused unraveling of the Thanksgiving turkey tale.

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