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Comedic Star Tiffany Haddish Faces Legal Turbulence: Arrested for Alleged DUI While Found Asleep at the Wheel

"Acclaimed comedian Tiffany Haddish found herself in legal hot water once again as she was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Beverly Hills, California. The incident unfolded when police responded to a call about a car parked in the middle of Beverly Drive around 5:45 a.m. TMZ reports revealed that Haddish was discovered slumped over the wheel with the engine running, prompting law enforcement to take her into custody. Despite the alarming scene, no accidents were reported.

Photographs circulated by TMZ depicted the 'Girls Trip' star being escorted into the back of a police cruiser, restrained in handcuffs. This comes just a day after Haddish's performance at The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood for the venue's 43rd annual free Thanksgiving feast.

This isn't Haddish's first encounter with the law regarding DUI. On January 14, 2022, she was previously arrested near Atlanta for suspicion of driving under the influence. The incident in Peachtree City, Georgia, occurred when police received a call about someone asleep at the wheel. Haddish faced charges of DUI and improper stopping on a roadway, and her trial is slated for December.

Addressing her earlier arrest while guest hosting 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on April 13, 2022, Haddish candidly told the audience, 'Yes, I did get charged with a DUI, which stands for Dumb Unfortunate Incidents.'

For those grappling with substance use disorder or mental health issues, assistance is available. In the U.S., the SAMHSA National Helpline can be reached at 800-662-HELP (4357).

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