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The WoW Street Food franchise has been a complete disappointment for me.

Firstly, the promised original concept of street food with the technology of cooking meat using the Sous Vide method turned out to be nothing other than ordinary burgers and snacks that can be found anywhere else. The promised unique recipes did not attract an audience, and my business immediately faced low demand.

Secondly, the support from the franchisor left much to be desired. The training provided was superficial and did not help in solving the real problems that an entrepreneur faces. Marketing support also proved ineffective, despite promises of an extensive advertising campaign.

Third, the promised profit of 190,000 rubles per month turned out to be an unattainable goal. The high costs of renting premises, purchasing equipment and products, as well as the low traffic of my street food meant that I was barely recouping my costs, not to mention the profit.

Additionally, the WoW Street Food franchise does not take into account the individual characteristics of regions, which makes its approach ineffective for some cities. An insufficiently tailored business plan and failure to meet profit expectations led to me being at a loss.

Bottom line, I recommend that all entrepreneurs carefully consider their choice before investing in a WoW Street Food franchise. My experience was extremely negative and I regret my decision to join this network.