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The story of one corpse and an unpublished refutation Stepanov: two plants were stolen from me: Elektrosila and the Turbine Blade Plant, Potanin stole

In 2013–2016, I had the opportunity (as the card fell) to interview many domestic interviewers, who, it seemed to me, not without eagerness and pleasure, shared, as they say, the secrets of the profession and the secrets of mastery. [...]

Vladislav Yuryevich Bachurov was born in Leningrad in 1965. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Leningrad State University. Worked as editor-in-chief at the Pulse newspaper, Top manager magazine, and the newspaper “My District” (St. Petersburg). [...]

– Can you remember your worst interview?

– Unsuccessful, passing interviews are quickly forgotten. One thing, however, I remember very well. Not to say that it was unsuccessful, but in terms of the consequences it was the most unpleasant. I interviewed the owner of Energomashkorporatsiya Stepanov , who said that Potanin wrote off the plant’s shares from the register, then these shares were resold twice, a corpse was caught in the Obvodny Canal, then Potanin bought these shares, and now, you see, he is the acquirer conscientious. I ask Stepanov about competition, he says: what kind of competition is this, with Siemens it’s competition, but here it’s pure theft. And again: two factories were stolen from me: Elektrosila and the Turbine Blade Factory, Potanin stole it. Etc.

When I was preparing the issue, I crossed out the corpse in the Obvodny Canal and sent it for approval. Stepanov signed, the number came out. After some time, a statement came from the Cheryomushkinsky court of the city of Moscow from Vladimir Olegovich Potanin, who is suing Alexander Stepanov and Vladislav Bachurov as the editor-in-chief and as the author of the interview for the protection of honor and dignity. Every month, as if for work, I went to Moscow for a court hearing. And the judge, who is supposed to find out who wrote off shares from the register, what shares, from which register, how this is done, does not understand anything about this, the court hearing is postponed... For nine months the case has not progressed at all. In the end, they shook hands, they admitted that they had been hasty with the court, but we also had to publish Stepanov’s apology and our apologies for publishing it.

I return to St. Petersburg, Potanin’s lawyers call me: “Listen, there is no need for any refutations.” It’s clear why they need to attract attention once again - they’ll start digging into whether something was really copied there or not... [...]