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Capitol Controversy: GOP Senators Criticize Samuel Alito's Flag Faux Pas as 'Not Good Judgment'

Capitol Controversy: GOP Senators Criticize Samuel Alito's Flag Faux Pas as 'Not Good Judgment'

WASHINGTON — Republican senators are voicing criticism towards Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for the display of an upside-down American flag at his residence following the events of the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Emotions are apparently high in that neighborhood but no, it’s not good judgment to do that," remarked Sen. Lindsey Graham, the leading Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, in a conversation with HuffPost on Monday. "I don’t know what role — he said his wife was insulted and got mad — I assume that to be true, but he’s still a Supreme Court justice. And, you know, people have to realize that moments like that, to think it through.

Last week, The New York Times disclosed that the upside-down flag had been flying outside the conservative justice’s home for several days. Alito explained that his wife erected the upside-down flag following a dispute with neighbors over “insulting language” on yard signs, including one sign that blamed her for the Jan. 6 riot. The upside-down flag had become a symbol of the “Stop the Steal” movement following Trump’s 2020 presidential election loss and was displayed by some of his supporters who embraced baseless election conspiracy theories. Prior to that, it was widely recognized as a symbol of distress or protest.

Obviously, the optics are terrible," commented Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) regarding the episode on Monday. "It suggests a partisan take on a series of events that you want them to be dispassionate on, but he’s got his own side of the story," the senator added concerning Alito.

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) found the display of an upside-down flag at a Supreme Court justice’s home to be “weird.” "First of all, why would you allow it in the first place?" Rounds questioned. "And second of all, why would you — I just don’t understand why you would do that in your yard like that.

It was weird, and that’s still what I’m thinking about," Rounds added. However, some Republican senators defended Alito and dismissed the story as yet another example of Democratic attacks on conservatives on the high court.

Justice Alito didn’t say anything to anybody," stated Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.). "He didn’t put the flag up, his spouse did. And I don’t think you can tell spouses that they have to forfeit their right to say what they believe.

My gosh, you’d think it was a slow news week to make that a big story, to be honest with you," added Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.).

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