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Fox & Friends' Unleashes Birthday Sarcasm Barrage: Dissecting the Critique of Joe Biden

"Fox & Friends Unimpressed with Biden's Birthday Banter, Questions 'Sense of Humor' Amidst Political Critique"

In a recent segment on "Fox & Friends," the morning show took a serious tone in response to President Joe Biden's birthday joke, delivered as he celebrated his 81st year. The president, posing with a cake seemingly ablaze with candles, quipped on social media about running out of space for candles on his 146th birthday.

Host Ainsley Earhardt expressed disdain for the remark, stating, "Such a weird thing to say," while her colleague Lawrence Jones chimed in, emphasizing the perceived disconnect between the president's humor and pressing national issues. However, the irony of the critique was not lost on some viewers, with the show's title, "Fox & Friends," humorously highlighted as not including an apparent "Sense of Humor."

The conversation then shifted to a reported "Bubble Wrap" strategy aimed at safeguarding the president, as noted by The New York Times. The strategy involves considerations such as having Biden walk shorter distances on camera in more comfortable shoes. While Politico reported on the need for Biden to showcase his vitality and deploy humor to address concerns about his age, a Times poll revealing that 71% of voters believe he is too old to be an effective president was acknowledged.

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